In consideration of  Hospital for Special Care (“HSC”) allowing me to submit information, and/or images, including but not limited to audio/visual recordings, to its Spectrum of Kindness website, I hereby consent to the display and/or recording, by employees, volunteers, or independent contractors of HSC, of my likeness and that of my minor child(ren) (the “Images”), together with (i) any and all physical possessions owned by any of us and (ii) any and all ideas, whether in writing or other form of communication, which I provide to HSC (together with the Images, hereafter referred to as the “Submissions”).

I hereby authorize without reservation or limitation, HSC, its affiliates, successors, transferees, and assigns to exhibit or otherwise to use, alter, publish, reproduce, exhibit and distribute, and to sell or otherwise transfer, the Submissions for any purposes as determined by HSC including but not limited to entertainment, promotion, educational training, advertising, marketing, fundraising and trade.  I hereby waive the right to inspect, approve or edit the Submissions or any material used in connection therewith.

As used in this Consent and Release, the term Images means still photography, videotapes, digital recordings, transparencies, motion pictures, audiotapes, or any other media format or means of reproduction, transmission or exhibition.

I do hereby further agree and acknowledge that I have not claimed, and will not claim to have, either under this agreement or otherwise, any right, copyright, title or interest of any kind or nature whatsoever, in and to any display or recording of the Submissions made by or on behalf of HSC, including  but not limited to scripts, title, copyright, ideas, names, themes and/or the other characteristics and incidents of any such Submission used by HSC in any manner, for any purpose, and I recognize such rights belong to HSC, its successors, agents, licensees, customers and assigns.

I hereby release Hospital for Special Care and its officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, independent contractors, successors, transferees and assigns from any and all damages, claims and judgment based on the use, transfer or sale of the Submissions, including but not limited to causes of action for libel, slander or invasion of the right to privacy.

By selecting I AGREE, I acknowledge that I have read this document, and understand and agree with its provisions.